Sunday, October 31, 2010

Welcome to my blog.

For those of you who are just now visiting my blog for the first time, welcome. What's going on here might not make much sense unless you begin at the beginning.

I am a self-published writer who has been writing and self- publishing for 30 years, more or less. I have published 3 books and I have written more short stories than I can recall. I have also published one book on line in the PDF electronic format. I gave that one away free to anyone who wanted to read it.

For me, writing is like an addiction. I sometimes hate it and I often hate what it does to me emotionally. But nothing else can provide me the satisfaction of putting into words what my heart and soul speaks. I believe I will never stop writing.

This blog is a chronology of sorts. It begins way back, years and years ago when I wrote short stories to enhance the back of a weekly gift shop flier. From that point forward I am slowly working my way though my memories and all of the trials and tribulations associated with what I have done.

The first book I helped publish was titled, Helen, A Psychic Gift, and the most recent book, which I have just published, is titled, The Interstellar Incident. That period of time spans 30+ years and this chronology is, as best as I can recall, a discussion of everything that happened during that period of time.

I hope also to hint about what can be expected of me in the coming months and years as long as I am physically able to do this.

Again, allow me to welcome you. I hope you enjoy my blog. I have truly enjoyed creating it.

While you are here leave a comment and tell me what you like or dislike about what I am doing or how I have done. You don't need to log in or leave any personal information in order to comment.

Have a great day.

TJ Davis