Thursday, August 04, 2011

Dining on Bub.

I recently had the pleasure of dining out with a young man who had just finished reading my book, The Interstellar Incident. He was anxious to speak to me about several passages from the book. The man is a native of a country in Southeastern Europe. As such, he is unfamiliar with many of the terms I used off hand in my manuscript. But despite that he displayed a refreshing depth of understanding for what I was trying to say.

He was casually interested in my passage regarding the real history of the Galdarnian church theology. Those who have read my book will recall that Bobby Weaver asked the Galdarnian church leader if he had ever seen the historic "light history elucidations" that were captured by the computers within the Intergalactic Space Transporter.

Those elucidations were the result of a futuristic examination of the pinpoints of light that were once the active history of the planet Galdarnet. Within those pinpoints of light as well as within all such pinpoints of light there is forever stored every historic event that has ever occurred anywhere. No matter what anyone may believe is historic fact, the true facts will always be elucidated via those pinpoints of light. Such pinpoints of light travel forever through the infinite void of space. Thus, no moment in history is ever really lost in time.

The light history elucidations which Bobby Weaver was speaking about did not bode well for the original spiritual head of that Galdarn church. That passage from my book reads as follows:

"May I ask one question before you go?" I asked the creature in the tall hat.

"Yes," he replied. "But please hurry. I am literally freezing to death and here in all of this bitter cold I can smell the devil working against my health." As he spoke I noted the internal temperature of the conversation cubicle had fallen to an impossibly cold 55 degrees Centigrade or about 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The Soffy in my ear told me the temperature.

"As I understand it when you were introduced to the Intergalactic Space Transporter technologies you were given the opportunity to witness the light history elucidations. I have observed some of those elucidations as they pertain to the planet Galdarnet," I said.

"With all due respect and without prejudice of any kind or intent, those magnifications do not present the ancient king who proclaimed himself as your only true and first God in a very positive light. In fact if I may say so he was more a thief and a lecher than any I have ever personally known. How do you continue to reconcile a continuation of a faith that is in truth based on so many lies, hypocrisy and hatred?" I asked, figuring to get right to the point of it.

My grandmother always used to tell me, "Just as well say it as think it."

My dinner guest told me that he was amused as well as amazed at the Galdarn church leader’s reply:

The tall creature turned to me. "You must never, ever under any circumstances ever look at any such elucidations again. They have been found to be blasphemous in every respect. They are at least a contrivance of the Blus. But most probably in their ignorance of all things holy and revered, those elucidations are the creation of the devil himself.

None of those elucidations are true nor can they be true. For it is written that not any image of any kind shall ever exist of the one and only true God who is the God's God of all the Gods. His reflection is too glorious, too brilliant to be looked upon by a simple Galdarnian like myself let alone the hairy ape that you are.

What you saw is a contrivance presented by the devil to undermine the very foundations of our beliefs. No one on Galdarnet is allowed to view those elucidations.
Had they contained a real emanation of God on high the brilliance of that image would have destroyed you on the spot or at least it would have struck you blind the instant your eyes were set upon it."

He paused to catch his breath and then went on, "Yes, I am aware of those elucidations. They matter not to me, for I live in the arms of faith. I live in the arms of the uplifting clouds of smoke which elevate me into contentedness, satisfaction and bliss. Thus it is written in Romanoffnon 420 draw 1, 4 me 2 with a list of bartering contacts to be updated through time."

It was just as I had thought when One's superiors had asked me to try to determine the answer for them. And it was just like the historic and various churches on the planet Earth.

Facts be damned.
Power and control are what is important.
If the facts don't coincide with the myths promulgated by the sect, then the facts must be wrong.

My companion for dinner that evening had come to the same conclusion I had when I wrote that passage. Religious bigotry is based on beliefs alone. No matter the obvious hypocrisy enshrined in such beliefs or the blatant historic evidence that casts those beliefs in doubt. Those who believe latch on to their beliefs and close their minds to all other possibilities no matter what. If there is a truth which lies outside of their belief they do not want to know what that truth is.

My companion was also amused when I explained to him that among western Christians it is a very bad thing to say, "God damn it!" Such an exclamation is a call for God to condemn someone or something to hell and that is considered to be in absolute opposition to the singular mission of all Christians which is to forcibly save their brothers and sisters from hell no matter what.


But while "God damn it," is a terrible thing to say, it is very acceptable to say something like "gosh darn it," or "gall darn it," or as I coined it in my book "Galdarnet." Even though the similar terms in essence say and mean the same thing the one term is evil while the others are considered acceptable and even mildly amusing. It's sort of like saying, "Go to hell! Well I really didn't mean that even though that is what I felt."

Double sigh!

But for myself the most enlightening part of our conversation was the character that my companion found most inspiring from within my book. That character is Bub.

My dinner guest was intrigued with the actual and the apparent characteristics of Bub. By all appearances Bub is a vegetable. No one outside of his consciousness has any idea what is going on inside of his head. He is confined to a bed in a nursing home and cannot even see to his own daily, personal hygienic needs. He is unable to speak and apparently does not hear or understand what is being said to him.

Through the futuristic miracles of the space aliens in my book I open his mind for others to see. And what is seen is pure brilliance. He is fluent in many languages and understands the physical reality of this planet earth in a depth of detail unfathomable to most of us.

My companion asked the simplest of questions, and allow me to paraphrase here what he said. "Who is to say that this reality that you and I experience is the true reality and that other reality, the one experienced by Bub, is a meaningless reality? Even without knowing what, if anything, such a person may or may not perceive, who are we to judge whether or not that consciousness is meaningless? It may be just as you suggest, that within a consciousness that we disregard simply because we are unable to connect with it, there is a magnificent understanding that defies our limited ability to perceive it."

I was very pleased by that depth of understanding. And I was particularly pleased he had found an interest in my character Bub. You see, Bub is the one character who actually expresses in no uncertain terms those concepts which are at the heart of my allegorical message.

Bub proclaims that there is no homosexual agenda, a thing I am branded with being a part of daily, and he goes on to explain that there is an undeniable heterosexual agenda. That agenda is to have babies, so many babies that the planet has now reached the dangerous precipice of irreversible overpopulation. He ties that over population to the ills of environmental pollution. He hints at a connection between over population and the current concerns over global warming. He even goes so far as to refer to it all as the hippopotamus in the room which everyone can see but no one seems to want to talk about.

I felt that allegorically it was important that Bub should express these things because Bub can't talk. It is considered a breach of socially acceptable dialogue to call for heterosexuals to quit having so many babies. It feeds right into their phobias that I, as a gay man, am somehow out to get them and force them to act differently. The reality is just the opposite.

Many of the individuals who participate in the heterosexual agenda are openly out to get me. They work to deny me my rights and prevent me from living happily and free. They petition my regress to the extent that that they can summons popular and political support to do so. While they loudly proclaim that I am bringing about the certain destruction of society through my homosexual agenda they are engaged in every act for which I am accused. It is indeed the hippopotamus in the room. Everyone can see it all around them but nobody seemingly wants to say anything about it.

How fitting that Bub who cannot speak should say these things. For it is that very silent voice which cries out for something to be done. It is that unspoken voice which is unheard but which has so much truth to share.

And how exciting for myself as an author to have someone with whom I am just acquainted understand my purpose in creating that character. I find it interesting that English is not this gentleman's first language. I am honored that what I had intended at least in part did come through. And I am honored that I had the opportunity to share by beliefs with someone who understood me and welcomed my dialogue.